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Termoforgia S.p.A. is a company created in 1965, and since then has operated in the ferrous metalworking processes with a production process ranging from the cutting of sheet metals to metalwork fabrication, passing through all the intermediate phases, such as the bending of the sheets, processing of raw materials, hot pressing and thermic treatments. Termoforgia company promoters, Angelo Anacleti, Achille Gara and Marino Talacchia, who followed or are following the “second generations”, have guaranteed the continuity which has been at the base of the entrepreneurial choices which, in over 40 years, have allowed the growth and improvement. Up to today the company's location has been the same since its foundation, in Via del Verziere a Jesi; Termoforgia spa has built a new premises in San Paolo di Jesi (Scappia 2000 industrial estate), the built-on area in Jesi is about 2,000 sq.mts divided in 4 hangar buildings, and another 4,200 sq.mts are in San Paolo di Jesi, all in one open space.
Today’s guide line, which is also a principle, is research, above all in the development of industries with high energy consumption, with the minimal environmental impact as possible; Termoforgia has taken on the responsibility of this issue by using, as roofing of the new hangar, photovoltaic panels which will produce about 280,000 kw hour/year with a consequent less Co2 emission of 182 ton/year.

  The Production
Since January 2009, we have been operative with the new site that allows us to double our production capacity, expanding a further 4,200 with related enhancement of the movement and lifting systems up to 30 tons.
Our company has a sheet metal cutting department which produces for third parties any kind of flame cutting, of any thickness from 1 mm to 600 mm. The structural work department produces high quality welded assemblies. Within our processing department we are also able to carry out special hot pressed and heat treatments works.



  Company Policy
The high and medium Vallesina valley, are territories of rich and consolidated tradition in the mechanic, sector in which, from the foundation Termoforgia has operated. This has allowed the company to get bigger but remaining well anchored to the local realities.
Amongst the most pressing requests that today market proposes on first place are: security of a rapid and secure execution of the order, because the production chain of whom want to stay in tune with the competition, can not afford jams, and has to offer always accuracy and good finishing in the preparation of the order.
Termoforgia S.p.A. is a production reality that supplies semi-finished products on different phases of the process, and in over 40 years of activity, every effort has been continuously used to satisfy these basic needs, both in large production and single requests, for example in the experimentations or in complex plants.
Today, in the tradition of the typical main Marche region principle, the company has widen its client portfolio going in territories outside the Marche region.