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Our company, since its creation, has carried out hot working by continuing to improve its systems with the new technology.
Currently we are carrying out hot working with a pilgrim step-by-step kiln (GADDA), N° 2 hydraulic presses 200 and 300 Tons. , N° 1 submersed press for hardening processes, n° 2 eccentric presses (COLOMBO) n° 3 bench pressing (VACCARI) n°1 cementation kiln and n° 1 kiln for stretching thermal treatments with controlled temperature at m/m 3500 x1700 x1200
The hot worked products are mainly intended for agriculture machines and large size anchoring.
By using our machineries, we produce internally the moulds needed for forming red-hot bars.
Our cold working is divided into:
- processes for deformations with the help of calenders able to process sheet metals up to 2,500 mm wide with thicknesses up to 20 mm and min. diameter of 700 mm.
- processes for metal removal. We are able to process (when required) carpentry structures internally made with machine tools that possess a working surface of 22000x3600 x1500 and/or for work under contract.